Country Financial Statistics Dashboard

The dashboard below uses data from the World Bank. CMBI present this simple dashboard to demonstrate how your organisation can use Google Charts as a cheap and effective way to bring Business Intelligence to the web.

Disclaimer: Use of the Country Financial Statistics Dashboard
CMBI make no representations or warranties about the accuracy of the data presented in this dashboard. World Bank do not endorse this representation of their data. If you wish to use the information presented in this dashboard for any purpose whatsoever you should obtain it directly from the World Bank at the following URL

Ease of doing business analysis

Ease of doing business is a ranking score from 1 - 185. The lower the score, the easier to do business within the country. The world map below shows the ease of doing business by country. The bubble charts below the map show the correlation between ease of doing business, life expectancy, and GDP per capita respectively. You can filter the map and the charts using the dropdowns and slider control below the map.

Explanation of data

The data presented in the visualisations was sourced from the World Bank during February 2013. Those figures in turn are collated from various sources at different frequencies. GDP is 2011 data in USD. Life Expectancy is 2012 data. Ease of doing business is 2012 data. Population is 2011 data.

The year chosen for each metric was based on the most recent complete data set for that metric. For a full explanation of each metric and its origin please refer directly to the World Bank at the following URL

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