Training: Introduction to Excel for the data analyst

CMBI's introduction to Excel for data analysts is a new approach to teaching Excel with a focus on today's information and data centric workplace. Whether you are completely new to Excel or have previous experience but want to relearn Excel best practice, this course will give you the skills you need to confidently work with and present data and information in Excel.

Excel has changed

Excel has changed a lot in recent years but why?

It has changed to meet the data and information challenges that are common to every organisation. Whether you're working in marketing, sales, accounting, HR, or management, data is everywhere in applications, webpages, spreadsheets, reports, and databases.

Data centric Excel training

Many of the most important features of modern Excel did not exist 10 years ago. This means that learning through experienced Excel users and existing spreadsheets alone, may leave you without exposure to important functionality.

CMBI's Excel training for data analyts builds your knowledge of Excel from the ground up. The course steps through the complete lifecycle of Excel use, from acquiring the data, through maintaining it in Excel, to analysing and creating reports.

Who will benefit from Excel for data analyst training

  • Accountants and finance professionals seeking new techniques for automating routines tasks
  • Data analyst professionals at home with databases, R, Python, and Perl, but required to present information to Microsoft Office users
  • Marketers using customer and sales data needing more effective ways to collect, analyse and present information
  • Managers looking for productivity gains from their data centric teams

Course information

Course Duration

1-2 days depending on modules selected

Course Pricing

$1,500 per team, per day

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Why Choose CMBI?

Why should you choose CMBI for your next training solution?

  • Trainers with hands-on, real world experience
  • Real datasets from an array of education, financial services and government sources
  • Small groups for one-to-one mentoring
  • Instructional videos to take away for future reference
  • Options to tailor the training session to your organisation
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