Strategic Review of Business Intelligence Capability

Key Points

  • A strategic BI review provides real direction to your BI strategy
  • CMBI are vendor independent - the goal is to increase your BI capability

A strategic review of your business intelligence capability can ensure you get the best value from the tools you own and that you make the right decisions about future projects. CMBI is a vendor-independent BI consultancy with many years of project experience across a range of industries and an array of BI tools and platforms.

About CMBI

What is a strategic business intelligence review?

Most organisations now have some form of BI capability. However, it is just as common not to realise the full value of this investment. The reasons for this are often a series of interlinking factors and it can be hard for those close to the organisation to untangle this web.

What do we look at?

CMBI will look at a number of factors including:

  • Available BI tools and components - it is very common for organisations to be licensed for products they are not using to their full capability
  • Data availability through the organisation - do the right people have access and visbility of the relevant data?
  • Data strategy - does the organisation's data strategy support analytics and BI?
  • Strategic goals - are the BI projects and tools alligned to the strategic goals of the organisation?
  • Training and knowledge transfer opportunities - often the knowledge exists within the organisation and just needs to be harnessed
  • BI project planning - planning for an effective BI project is different to traditional system development

The strategic BI review process

The review will typically take 3-5 days although it can be spread over a longer period to tie in with the availablility of key stakeholders. CMBI then present their findings to you as a written report and presentations to stakeholders. CMBI are realistic about the constraints within which your organisation must operate. Recommendations will be pragmatic and actionable rather than blue-sky ideals.

Why CMBI for your strategic business intelligence review?


Colin McGowan (CMBI's Enterprise BI Solution Architect) has refined his methodogy and approach with a combination of project experience, extensive study and research, and analysis. Colin has successfully executed over 30 BI and DW projects for over a dozen companies. He researched a MSc thesis on Data Warehouse modelling, and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Development.

Colin consolidated this combination of practical and theoretical experience in his book, The Business Intelligence Pocket Guide which provides a vendor neutral introduction to business intelligence strategy. You can read various articles from the book here.

Vendor neutral BI advice

CMBI is an independent consultancy and not tied to any software vendor. At CMBI the goal is to increase your business intelligence capability by providing vendor neutral advice on business intelligence strategy, project planning, and implementation. Colin has significant project experience in a number of business intelligence tools and platforms but the emphasis will always be on the potential for business intelligence to contribute towards business goals, rather than on a particular technology.

About CMBI

CMBI designs and develops business intelligence and analytics solutions for clients in Sydney and regional NSW. CMBI technology expertise includes Power BI, Power Pivot, Excel, SQL Server, Analysis Services, SharePoint BI, and Tableau.

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