Advanced Data Analysis for Excel

Key Points

  • Excel has a number of powerful add-ins for data analysis
  • Power Pivot allows you to build complex models and automate reports
  • Power Query automates the extraction, clean up and integration of your data
  • Data Mining in Excel is available through the Data Mining Add In
  • CMBI's advanced data analysis course is specifically tailored for spreadsheet gurus who want to take the next step on the analytics journey

Excel is the choice for power users and analysts. CMBI's advanced Excel data analysis course can help you realise the full capability of Excel and its many supporting add-ins.

About CMBI

Course: Advanced Data Analysis for Excel

CMBI's Advanced Data Analysis course for Excel introduces you to some of the most poweful capabilities for data analysis and all within the familiar Excel environment.

Leverage your Excel knowledge

If you or your team are spreadsheet gurus then nothing short of full spreadsheet functionality will do. Power Pivot is an end user data integration and analysis tool that can be used to automate even the most complex reports and analytics whilst remaining completely within the Excel environment. Using Power Pivot users can quickly automate routine reporting and analysis because they are already familiar with the spreadsheet tool and data. They can continue to use the spreadsheet to create the layout and presentation but the content will now update automatically when the underlying source acquires new data.

Advanced Data Analysis for Excel course structure

CMBI's Advanced Data Analysis for Excel is performed onsite at your workplace. We can use sample data but Colin strongly recommends we use your data and take the opportunity to tackle real reporting and analysis challenges.

Introducing Data Analytics In Excel

  • Going beyond VBA, nested formulas, and VLOOKUPs
  • Overview of the new tools available in Excel

Introducing Power Pivot

  • Excel Power Query for automating data retrieval and integration
  • Excel Power Pivot for data modelling and calculations
  • Time intelligence with DAX functions
  • Introduction to DAX formulas

Power Pivot applied

  • Building scenario models
  • Building automated dashboards and reports
  • Budget and forecast modelling techniques
  • Rule based predictive modelling

Power Pivot report automation

  • Techniques for report automation
  • Building automated dashboards and reports
  • Practical considerations for report automation
  • Advanced analysis with other Excel tools

Excel data analysis for the enterprise

  • Publishing Power Pivot reports and dashboards
  • Power Pivot and SharePoint
  • PowerView
  • Upsizing to Analysis Services Tabular
  • Analysis Services and Excel integration
  • Data mining and beyond!

Excel and Power Pivot

CMBI have been using Power Pivot since its release and has helped organisations build Power Pivot models for an array of business challenges. Power Pivot will be a new approach for those used to the traditional methods of Excel data manipulation. Gone are complex macros and VBA that can be difficult to maintain. Gone are the need for hundreds of VLOOKUPs and multiple copies of complex formulae.

About CMBI

CMBI designs and develops business intelligence and analytics solutions for clients in Sydney and regional NSW. CMBI technology expertise includes Power BI, Power Pivot, Excel, SQL Server, Analysis Services, SharePoint BI, and Tableau

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  • Trainers with hands-on, real world experience
  • Real datasets from an array of education, financial services and government sources
  • Small groups for one-to-one mentoring
  • Instructional videos to take away for future reference
  • Options to tailor the training session to your organisation

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