SharePoint Site Reporting

Key Points

  • SharePoint list data can be extracted in realtime by SSRS reports
  • Power BI can also extract SharePoint data into automated Excel dashboards
  • Reports and dashboards will enhance your SharePoint application
  • CMBI provides development support and training in all aspects of SharePoint reporting and BI

CMBI can unlock the value of SharePoint applications by exposing the data locked up in lists and libraries through a collection of interlinking reports and dashboards.

About CMBI


SharePoint sites are often the source of truth for operational business critical data. CMBI can integrate SharePoint reporting seamlessly into your existing site and enhance the value of the site content as well as quickly expose any issues with data quality.

SharePoint reporting services

Depending on your environment CMBI can deploy a number of SharePoint reporting solutions. Reporting Service (SSRS) is the best choice for printable reports that need pagination. However, there are a large number of other choices for reporting, dashboarding and analytics including Power Pivot, Power BI, and Performance Point. At least some - if not all - of these solution can be deployed without any further software or hardware costs. CMBI can provide development, training and support for

  • Report design and corporate branding
  • Report pack creation and automation
  • Dashboards
  • Site monitoring reports

SharePoint enterprise BI support

  • SharePoint BI service configuration
  • Power Pivot model deployment
  • Analysis Services Multidimensional and Tabular
  • Self service BI and reporting as part of an enterprise BI solution

About CMBI

CMBI designs and develops business intelligence and analytics solutions for clients in Sydney and regional NSW. CMBI can lead and execute your BI project end-to-end or assist established BI project teams with various aspects of BI project planning, design and implementation.

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