CMBI In-House Training Services

CMBI offers a wide-range of BI training courses that can be tailored to your organisation and held in a venue that is convenient to you.

In-House Training Services

If you have several people who would like to attend a training course, you may want to consider CMBI's in-house training services.

Benefits of In-House Training

There are many benefits in hosting your own training session:

  • No need to travel - CMBI will come to a venue that is convenient to you
  • Schedule the training session on a date that is good for the team
  • More cost effective than paying for each person to attend the course individually
  • Option to tailor the training session to use your organisation's data and templates


What equipment do I need to host a training session?

To host a training session, you will need to supply the following for your attendees:

  • A venue or meeting room with internet access, large enough to accommodate the group
  • A PC/laptop for each attendee, with either Excel 2010, Excel 2013 or Excel 2016 installed

Rates & Charges

Onsite Training

CMBI can provide the training session at a venue of your choice for $1,440 + GST. The cost is the same irrespective of the number of attendees, however, to ensure each person gets the required level of support during the workshop we recommend a maximum of 6 attendees.


Follow Up Support

Need help after the training session? CMBI can provide on-going post-training support at $120 p/h + GST to allow for a flexible way of getting further clarification, answering questions or receiving follow-up mentoring.


Preparation of Client-Specific Data Sets

Want to tailor the course content to your organisation? CMBI can tailor the training session to use a company-specific dataset, or build models, examples and videos to address any specific challenges the company is facing. CMBI charges $120 p/h + GST for the time taken to tailor the course to your needs. As a guide, this is normally between 4-12 hours, depending on your requirements.


What Courses Do CMBI Offer?

See our training page for a full list of courses that CMBI currently offers.


Contact Us

For more information or to book a training course, email Julie McGowan or contact CMBI via our contact page.


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