Why Choose CMBI for Training Services?

Why choose CMBI for your next training solution? CMBI offers a wide-range of BI training courses that can be tailored to your organisation and held in a venue that is convenient to you.

The CMBI Approach

  • Proven track record: CMBI has been developing and training in Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power BI Desktop since their respective release dates and has helped organisations across a variety of industries build Power BI models to resolve an array of business challenges.

  • Trainers with real world experience: CMBI's training courses have been developed by a developer and business analysts team with over 30 years' combined experience across a wide range of industries and company types. We know the challenges analysts face in using enterprise-wide data because we've been there. Our training courses reflect this real-world experience, and focus heavily on practical exercises to up-skill attendees in the key functionality required to be more productive.

  • Small groups: CMBI training sessions are kept deliberately small (3-6 attendees) to ensure high engagement and one-on-one support in a collaborative workshop environment.

  • Instructional videos to take away: All CMBI course attendees receive a USB drive containing the examples worked through during the session, as well as annotated videos covering each item of functionality covered in the course. The videos refresh your memory on key concepts once you get back to your desk.

  • Real data sets: CMBI use real datasets from education, financial services and government sources. Additionally, CMBI can tailor the training course to use your organisation's data and company templates. With CMBI business applied offering, everything we cover in the training session is directly relevant to your company's real-world reporting and analysis challenges. Check out our hosted training page for costs and more information.

  • Post-training support: CMBI's expertise and support is available to assist you even after the training session has ended. Do you have a problem that you're stuck on, or need some assistance in harnessing a technology for your organisation? Check out our hosted training page for costs and more information.


CMBI Training Services

See our training page for a full list of courses that CMBI is currently offering.


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For more information or to book a training course, contact Julie McGowan via our contact page.


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